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Move along, brick and mortar – Ecommerce is here.

Move along, brick and mortar – Ecommerce is here.

It doesn’t take a scientist or a mathematician to figure out why eCommerce is the next big thing. In fact, just stand on the streets, close your eyes and point at anyone in the crowd. Chances are that person has probably dabbled in ecommerce before. However, before we delve any deeper into it, we should all know what eCommerce encompasses. As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, eCommerce is any “commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet”. Simple, isn’t it? So what makes eCommerce the next big thing?

Point is, there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a website. Nonetheless, you reap what you sow, and in this case, your customers will definitely have lots of positive thoughts just by viewing a responsive website.

Here are some things that reflect upon your brand when you have a responsive website:

Reduced cost

Selling your stuff online means there is no need for expenditure such as rental and staff, which can amount to quite a sum if business isn’t too good. All the money that are conserved can then be used on more meaningful expenditure, especially for new start-ups.

More reach/accessibility

Selling your stuff online also means that you are not restricted by geographical boundaries, increasing your business opportunities and chances of making profits. Think about international shipping and how your goods can be recognized worldwide.


Naturally, when you are able to reach out to more customers, more people will be aware of your goods and services. Having awareness is important as we all know how powerful the word of mouth is.

Enhanced responsiveness

Customers’ responses and feedback on your goods can also be received close to real time, which are really helpful for you to improve your business and make the necessary changes, allowing you to stay on top of things.

To sum up, as eCommerce is gaining traction fast, the appeal for brick and mortar shops may just be dwindling, although that is still a topic of debate that will probably see no end.

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